Good Says You Are Enough

Growinhigrace   -  

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31: 8 NLT

Jesus knows the longing of our hearts to feel valued, but sometimes we convince ourselves we don’t measure up. In seasons of worry, we lose sight of where we’re going. We stand in the valley of fear and stay too long where anxiety robs our calm. It makes us believe in lies. We have trouble finding PEACE that Jesus provides and need to be reminded why we’re NOT alone…

It’s hard when we don’t see ourselves as God see us; loved and simply ENOUGH. He longs to help us recognize the heart of our worth. It isn’t found in what the world has to offer, or in the opinion of those who don’t understand. It isn’t discovered in the sadness of shame. But God knows how to help us recognize why we are loved.

The world’s approval doesn’t matter! We have a Father who loves us! What we see as pain, He uses as His purpose. He draws us closer than before and arms us with everything we need. He helps us become aware that we NEED HIM and allows us to breathe in fullness where healing begins!

God loves us! His love is constant and never fails. He loves us through every single moment of our lives. When we are feeling weary, sad, depressed, anxious or misunderstood, we must pray for God to restore us. He has the power to lift us from sadness, arm us with His holiness, guide us to a place of calm and remind us we were made for so much more!

God will hear our cries for mercy! Even in broken hallelujah’s, He WILL make us stronger than before. God will bless us with others who encourage, support, take time to listen and love us through the frailties of pain. Jesus will carry our burdens and remove what is holding us back from experiencing who we were created to become!

HE IS GOD! He knows what He’s doing! If we stay grounded in truth, He WILL ready us to receive what He provides. God will return us back where we belong; held in the promise of what will happen if we surrender to Him, humble our hearts, step in faith and BELIEVE He will restore us! We must remain faithful and PRAY. God will ALWAYS always take care of those He loves.